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AMC 8 (139.0° West)
4080 V 30000
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Current Channels (0)
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
HDTV CBS KTVA HD General PowerVu 5 4015 4014, ENG, AC-3
HDTV GCI Channel HD General PowerVu 7 4018 4019, ENG, AC-3
TV 360 North SD General PowerVu 8 4020 4022, ENG, AC-3
TV ABC KYUR SD General PowerVu 6 4016 4017, ENG, AC-3
TV CBS SouthEast SD General PowerVu 9 4024 4023, ENG, AC-3
TV Discovery Education PowerVu 105 4093 4094, ENG, AC-3
TV ESPN Sport PowerVu 67 4046 4044, ENG, AC-3
TV ESPN2 Sport PowerVu 68 4048 4047, ENG, AC-3
TV FOX KTBY SD General PowerVu 2 4002 4003, ENG, AC-3
TV Headline News News PowerVu 107 4059 4058, ENG, AC-3
TV HGTV Lifestyle PowerVu 108 4061 4062, ENG, AC-3
TV History Education PowerVu 65 4038 4037, ENG, AC-3
TV KYES SD General PowerVu 3 4004 4005, ENG, AC-3
TV NBC KTUU SD General PowerVu 1 4091 4097, ENG, AC-3
TV TBS General PowerVu 109 4064 4066, ENG, AC-3
TV TNT General PowerVu 69 4052 4051, ENG, AC-3
TV USA General PowerVu 66 4040 4042, ENG, AC-3
Updated & New Channels
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
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